The same amazing chocolate packaged in a slim eco-friendly presentation. Each bar is accompanied by a mini tasting guide. This collection is perfect for gifting, dinner parties, or an intimate night between you and a bar of To’ak chocolate.



The finest of wines and whiskies allow connoisseurs the privilege of exploring something sublime and timeless. We offer this same privilege to connoisseurs of chocolate.

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To’ak produces extremely small editions of single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate from the rarest and most prized variety of cacao on earth.

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From tree to bar in Ecuador, we craft our chocolate with the care of a vintage winemaker. Read more about how we make our chocolate or watch the 3-minute video.

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Fine wines allow us the privilege of tasting the valley in which their grapes were grown. To’ak’s Harvest style offer connoisseurs of dark chocolate this same opportunity—to taste not only the land but also the unique weather characteristics of each particular cacao harvest.

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To’ak developed the world’s first long-term chocolate aging program. The flavor and aromas of our cask-aged and specialty-aged chocolates evolve slowly with the passage of time. Today To’ak ages its chocolate in casks as diverse as Cognac, Scotch Whisky, Bourbon, PX Sherry, Tequila, Port and Sauternes, as well as aromatic Ecuadorian wood and other ingredients.

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We've teamed up with Third Millennium Alliance (TMA), a nonprofit rainforest conservation foundation based in Ecuador, to save Ecuador’s historic Ancient Nacional cacao from the brink of extinction. To make this dream become reality, we've created the world's first and only Genetic Bank to preserve and propagate the legendary Ecuadorian Nacional cacao.

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Drink Ecuador’s finest heirloom and single origin cacao. It’s an antioxidant-rich opportunity to power your day with the clean energy of theobromine, which is caffeine’s steadier and more dynamic cousin. Lots of options for preparation, ranging from brewed cacao, cacao latte, or added to your morning smoothie or coffee. Made from the rarest and most-prized cacao variety on earth.

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Offering the same high-quality chocolate as the Origin Bars, our Signature Bars are available in beautiful, minimalistic packaging which artfully showcases the story of its production. Additionally, a six-page informational insert is nestled inside the package, offering a guide for chocolate tasting and pairing. Our mini bar selections offer a way to try the full range of To’ak editions in one elegant presentation.

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To’ak prides itself on being the first tree-to-bar chocolate maker to comprehensively explore the science and the art of aging dark chocolate. Drawing from techniques employed by winemakers and whisky distilleries, and based on years of research and experimentation, To’ak’s Aging program is taking dark chocolate into a fascinating new direction. Note: none of our chocolate contains alcohol.

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You can taste the results with one of our Vintage bars.

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If you'd like to learn more you can read our e-book on the subject.

I had the chance to taste the To'ak chocolate bar and came away impressed by (...) their fabulous, deep-flavored chocolate, like nothing I’ve experienced before.

– S. Irene Virbila, Los Angeles Times

To’ak Chocolate is the finest chocolate we’ve ever used.

– Jessica Shelton, Culinary Liaison at The Restaurant at Meadowood, a three Michelin star restaurant in Napa Valley

The tasting as well as the story telling around your brand have been really appreciated by all our clients.

– Alexis Perroton, Marketing and Communication Director, Cartier Hong Kong

It’s the best bar I’ve had from Ecuador.

– Doreen Pendgracs, Canadien chocolate critic, blogger and author of the award winning book “Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate.”

A rich, deep, pleasantly flavor (...) I’ve never tasted in another chocolate.

– Marissa Conrad, Forbes Magazine

The world’s rarest beans. The longest production and fermentation process. And all done by hand nonetheless.

– Michael Lazar, The Huffington Post