To'ak's Press Coverage

March 06, 2018

To'ak in the WSJ

Ecuador-based chocolate maker To’ak sources its cacao beans from just 322 trees of the 5,300-year-old Nacional species, which was thought to be extinct until 2009, when To’ak’s co-founders...

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February 09, 2017

To'ak on CNBC

This is the world's most expensive chocolate bar. Price tag: $345 for less than 2 oz! It's called the To'ak Chocolate bar and it's made from a cacao bean called "Nacional", which is found in the rainforest...

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“Fabulous deep-flavored chocolate, like nothing I’ve experienced before.”

Los Angeles Times

February 24, 2015

To'ak in Daily Mail

It is the most expensive pure dark chocolate in the world without any fancy stuff like gold leaves or diamonds in it to increase its value. We produce our chocolate in the country of origin and focus a single origin.

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