Caramelly Chocolate Collection

Indulge in rich, caramelly chocolate flavors, made with the world’s rarest cacao.
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    Rain Harvest 2021  (18 Hours Conch)
    Rain Harvest 2021  (18 Hours Conch)

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    The story behind our caramelly chocolate

    We responsibly source our chocolate collections from a cacao variety called Ancient Nacional. Native to Ecuador, it is considered by experts to be the finest cacao in the world for its complex flavor profile.

    We are also reimagining what is possible with craft chocolate through aging, art, and culture. Our most critically acclaimed edition is our Islay Whisky Cask Aged chocolate. Aged for 3 years in a barrel of Laphroaig whisky, which is renowned for its peaty and highly distinctive flavor, this is a caramelly chocolate that is sweet with hints of peat smoke and sea grass.

    Our Rain Harvest 2021 (18 Hours Conch) edition is a more fruit-forward caramelly chocolate. Conching is the process of churning chocolate, usually in a liquid form, at a temperature above melting point. For our 2021 harvest, an extended conching time of 18 hours resulted in a chocolate that has a distinctive blackberry marmalade with nutty caramel flavor profile.

    Learn more about our caramelly chocolates by visiting their respective pages. You will find detailed information on their growing period, flavor profile, and what foods and drinks they pair well with. 


    What is caramelly chocolate?

    To’ak caramelly chocolates have distinctively buttery and caramelly flavors that are naturally derived from the cacao we source. Nothing other than organic cane sugar is added to them. Try our Islay Whisky Cask Aged edition for a flavor profile that is smoky sweet, or our Rain Harvest 2021 (18 Hours Conch) for one that is more fruit-forward with hints of blackberry and grapefruit.

    What foods and drinks pair well with caramelly chocolate?

    Our caramelly chocolates pair well with a variety of wines, whiskies, spirits, and cheeses. For our Islay Whisky Cask Aged edition, we recommend Peaty Scotch single malts like Laphroaig, sweet fortified wines, and gouda or brie. Our Rain Harvest (18 Hours Conch) goes well with triple-distilled Irish whisky, sweet dessert wines, and robiola or triple-cremes. Visit each edition’s page for more information and recommendations.