Our Chocolate Tour in Ecuador

Ecuador's Native Son

Oswaldo Guayasamín is one of Latin America's most celebrated artists.

His work has been on display in many of the finest museums and galleries in the world. Guayasamín's house, along with the Capilla del Hombre, is one of Quito's most iconic attractions.

Born and Based in Ecuador

To'ak uses the rarest and most prized cacao variety on earth

To'ak makes extremely limited editions of single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate. Its flagship edition was aged four years in a French oak cognac cask and retailed for $385 per bar, considered the most valuable chocolate in the world.

To’ak and Fundación Guayasamín have teamed up to create the Chocolate & Art Experience, a one-of-a-kind journey in Quito that celebrates the rich history, art and chocolate of Ecuador.

Chocolate & Art Experience

1. Private Art Tour

The first hour is a private tour of Guayasamín’s home and all of its most intimate chambers, guided by an art specialist from the museum. This is a unique look inside the life of one of Latin America’s most creative minds in this past century.


$125 per person, with a minimum of two people and maximum of eight people. Children up to 12 years old are free of charge when accompanied by two adults.


Art Tour

Private entrance & 1 hour privately guided tour of Oswaldo Guayasamín’s former residence and private art collection with art expert.

Chocolate Tasting

1 hour privately guided tasting of To’ak chocolate with member of the To’ak team.

Tasting (per person)

Roasted cacao bean, five different editions of To’ak chocolate, and a wine or spirit pairing (optional).