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Indulge in a chocolate experience like no other with our full-bodied, antioxidant-rich 100% cacao powder. Made in Ecuador from the most prized variety of cacao. Perfect for hot chocolate or smoothies.
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    100% Full Spectrum Cacao Powder
    100% Full Spectrum Cacao Powder

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    Classic Drinking Chocolate
    Classic Drinking Chocolate

    25 USD

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    Single-Origin Cacao Powder

    Our cacao powder comes from Heirloom Nacional Cacao, the rarest cacao variety in the world. With our Classic Drinking Chocolate, experience the cacao’s complex flavor profile of caramel, floral, and mandarin. Or try our 100% Everyday Cacao Powder to enjoy comforting flavor notes of floral, citrus, and winter spices. Both make for an extravagant chocolate drinking experience.

    What Makes Our Organic Cacao Powder So Unique?

    Most cacao powders on the market are manufactured using the “Dutch process.” This involves stripping the cacao of its healthy fats and then treating it with an alkalizing chemical to ensure that the cacao powder is less acidic and milder in flavor. 

    Our process is different—and simpler. To’ak produces 100% organic cacao powder. We do not alkalize the cacao powder, nor do we strip it of its healthy, natural-occurring cacao butter. After we harvest the cacao pods, we ferment, dry, roast, and winnow the cacao beans. We then grind them and put them in a bag, ready for you to enjoy. This process is simple and pure. Most importantly, it ensures a creamier, healthier, and more flavorful beverage.

    Savor Cacao Powder In Different Ways

    Cacao powder is often used to make hot chocolate or smoothies, but it’s also an excellent ingredient to explore your creativity in the kitchen. There are plenty of fun and inventive recipes using cacao powder. For example, you can sprinkle it on top of a granola breakfast bowl for added flavor (and an energy boost). Alternatively, you could use it to make something more indulgent, like melt-in-the-middle chocolate chip cookies. 

    If you’re looking for inspiration, read our favorite ways to use cacao to help you dive into the world of cacao-based food and drink. Our organic cacao powder also makes for a lovely luxury chocolate gift for friends, family, and chocolate aficionados.