The Best Luxury Gifts for Dark Chocolate Lovers
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The Best Luxury Gifts for Dark Chocolate Lovers

Stephanie Garr

30th of November 2023

Chocolate has long been a holiday lifesaver. It’s the ideal advent calendar treasure, go-to stocking stuffer, and sure-to-please last-minute gift. But—let’s admit it—your traditional holiday chocolate is ... not so good. It’s the type of stuff you mindlessly (and guiltily) pop into your mouth, because, well, it’s there. 

A true luxury chocolate lover deserves much better, and so do all the special people in your life. The best gifts come with care, thoughtfulness, and love—the same ingredients we put into each one of our dark chocolate bars and the handcrafted boxes they’re so meticulously packaged in. All of our boxes take you through the chocolate’s long, laborious journey—from tree to you—and include an informational guide for chocolate tasting and pairing. We will also include a personalized card or message with any To’ak order.

To help you navigate our unique selection, we present this chocolate lover’s guide to the holidays. Here, we highlight the best gifts for that special someone, that always-there friend, and that exceptional colleague who helped make your year a little easier to swallow.

to'ak art series chocolate

Chocolate for That Special Someone

An exquisite, limited-edition box of gourmet chocolate may just be the biggest turn-on—cacao is an aphrodisiac, after all. 

To’ak’s Art Series offers more than just chocolate, though. It’s a unique piece of art not found anywhere else (we’ve only made 500 of these boxes). The one-of-a-kind Spanish Elm wood box package has been handcrafted and beautifully engraved by local artists, and holds a certified print from revered Ecuadorian artist Enriquestuardo.

The 78% dark chocolate bar within combines two vintage editions of the rarest cacao in the world—just as rare as that special someone. Gift alongside a bottle of Port or single malt Scotch whiskey for the perfect gift.

Chocolate for That Special Friend

To’ak’s elegant Signature boxes hold the simplest pleasures in the most gorgeous, minimalist packaging. They’re the sweetest way to show you care. For the friend always looking on the bright side, try the Tasmanian Whisky Ex-Chardonnay, an aged dark chocolate that lingers with notes of tropical fruits, green tea, toffee, and fudge, with a delicate undertone of whisky. 

For the friend always waxing nostalgic, we suggest one of our other aged dark chocolate bars, such as the Ecuadorian Rum Cask Aged, which has matured beautifully into a complex blend of nutty, creamy, savory, and sweet.

And for the friend always looking out for everyone but themselves, we recommend spoiling them with a To'ak Gift Card so that they can pick whatever luxury chocolate strikes their fancy.

Chocolate for the Adventurer

Alchemy, our newest and most ambitious creation, is a collection of imaginatively flavored chocolate bars that redefine the boundaries between food, culture, and ecological awareness. Allow the adventurer in your life to be one of the first to experience our Alchemy collection, inspired by the birthplace of cacao, Ecuador. 

Chocolate for Your Devoted Colleagues

Corporate gift giving can always be tricky—especially when the office setting has dramatically shifted (or gone away altogether). Nothing says “thank you” to a colleague or client more than a little taste of limited luxury, which is why a handcrafted wooden box from our Reserve Series is a gift sure to impress. 

For your co-workers, clients, or prospects, try the Islay Whisky Cask Aged 3 Years, which has built up a smooth and seductive complexity of flavors from its days maturing in a single malt whisky cask from the famed Laphroaig distillery in Islay. 

Each box includes the individual bar number engraved on the back and comes with tasting utensils, a booklet that tells the story behind the chocolate, and a guide to tasting and pairing. Gift alongside your choice of a Scotch single malt or sweet dessert wine and toast to another successful year. 

Chocolate for the Chocolate Purist

When the loved one in your life has seemingly had—and tasted—it all, surprise them with our 100% cacao 18 Mini Bars. This one-ingredient masterpiece has nothing to hide—no sugar, no extra cacao butter. Still, it offers a hint of sweetness similar to our 80% bars with a complex mingling of floral notes, berries, mint, and red wine.

Chocolate for Yourself

The holidays are also a time for you to treat yourself. T.Cacao, our Everyday Cacao Powder, is a good place to start. This superfood of superfoods, made from Ecuador’s finest heirloom and single-origin cacao, is jam-packed with antioxidants and an abundance of other natural compounds to boost your mood and energy. Brew up a morning cacao drink, whip up a cacao-based smoothie, or try some of these mouthwatering recipes and you'll be raring and ready for the New Year.