To'ak's Dark Chocolate Inclusion Bars—Introducing the Alchemy Collection
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To'ak's Dark Chocolate Inclusion Bars—Introducing the Alchemy Collection

Sharon Terenzi

10th of May 2023

After years of refining the art of cacao aging and chocolate making, we are proud to unveil a new collection that adds even more layers of flavor and texture to the most expensive chocolate in the world.

Aligned with To’ak’s preservation mission, the Alchemy collection aims to spotlight indigenous, ancient, and endangered ingredients from four of the most unique ecosystems on the planet: the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains, Pacific coast, and Galapagos Islands. Collaborating with world-renowned food educator and culinary alchemist Charles x Michel, we have selected rare varieties of herbs, spices, nuts, and grains to help complement and accentuate the aromatic complexity of the prized Heirloom Nacional cacao. Even the proudest chocolate connoisseurs will find these flavor combinations to be truly unique.

In true To’ak style, each box is also an unforgettable opening experience that begins with a real piece of art, created by a young Ecuadorian artist.

Here’s what makes Alchemy our most ambitious creation yet.

Collaborating With Chef Charles x Michel

Co-designed and directed by chef Charles x Michel, the Alchemy dark chocolate recipes unite fine-flavor cacao with indigenous foods—all from our home in Ecuador. To’ak and Charles x Michel worked meticulously on each inclusion for months.As a passionate food activist, Charles is very much in line with To’ak’s mission to preserve ancient cacao and honor ancient traditions while transforming the way the world experiences chocolate. 

Showcasing Ecuadorian Artists

Alongside Charles X Michel, we also collaborated with a group of young Ecuadorian artists who were selected to design the packaging for the eight-part Alchemy collection. Each cover evokes the ingredients included in that specific bar, from the turtle symbol of the Galàpagos Islands to the ants carrying around squares of To’ak chocolate. To be fully involved in the project, the artists tasted the entire collection beforehand and got to choose the inclusion they felt most inspired by.

Each bar includes information on the artist to help spread their talents worldwide. Limited fine art prints of each cover art (40x40 cm) are also available here, and 50% of the profits will be shared with the artist.

Introducing the Alchemy Collection

Alchemy comprises eight different experiences, each one including 4 mini chocolate bars of 14g each. The base is always 65% dark chocolate made tree-to-bar in Ecuador with Heirloom Nacional cacao. You can choose between Rainforest Nuts (with 4 different nut varieties), Andean Mints (with 4 different mint varieties), Malva Flowers, Umami Tucupì, Caramelized Pop Amaranth, Salprieta Peanuts, Galàpagos Orange & Salt, and Amazonian Ants.

Let’s discover each in more detail.


A variety of nuts sourced from threatened ecosystems in the South American rainforest offers nutty nuances like you’ve never tasted before. Cacay has a peculiar taste between a cashew and a walnut; Shuar Peanut is deeply toasted and naturally salty; Macambo is creamy and sweet; Sacha Inchi has vegetal and woody notes. BUY HERE

Origin: Tropical rainforest of the lower Andes, and Amazon forest

Tasting Notes: Mixed nuts, toasted, salty, vegetal

Artist: Fiamma Samaniego


The refreshing taste of mint is multi-dimensional. Using four different varieties of Andean mints reveals a biodiverse complexity. While Sunfo reminds of a strong peppermint, Muña is a gentle breeze with vegetal undertones. Meanwhile, Hierba Buena evokes a sweet mojito, and Tipo offers a delicate floral touch. BUY HERE

Origin: Andes

Tasting Notes: Mint, leafy greens, lime, floral

Artist: Mauricio Camacho


An ancestral medicine, carminative, and aphrodisiac, Malva Olorosa offers an indigenous floral twist. Its herbal nuances complement Nacional cacao’s floral complexity. Highly recommended for lovers of herbal teas and tisanes. BUY HERE

Origin: Andes Mountains

Tasting Profile: Herbal, floral, grassy, fresh

Artist: Adriana Gonzalez



Often described as “Amazionan miso,” tucupì is a rich condiment mostly unknown outside of Amazonian gastronomy. It is made with fermented manioc starch and chiles that are cooked over a woodfire in a lengthy process. With its unique flavor, Umami Tucupì may be our most divisive chocolate yet. BUY HERE

Origin: Amazon Rainforest, provided by the Muruy-Muyna indigenous community

Tasting Notes: Umami, licorice, soy, spicy

Artist: Andrés Estrada


Gluten-free and protein-rich, amaranth was used in Central and South America for rituals and energy-demanding activities. In this renewed version, popped and toasted amaranth seeds are coated in caramel, covered in cacao butter, and enclosed in rich dark chocolate. This is the crunchiest and sweetest bite of the entire Alchemy collection. BUY HERE

Origin: The Andes, coastal Pacific

Tasting Notes: Caramel, brittle, nougat, barley

Artist: Lenin Lòpez


Always a must on Ecuadorian tables, salprieta is an intriguing mix of corn, peanuts, and spices used to flavor many dishes, from salads and soups to plain rice and fried vegetables. Combined with the flavor complexity of Nacional cacao, infinite layers of flavors will enchant the most adventurous palates. BUY HERE

Origin: Coastal Pacific, Manabì Region

Tasting Notes: Nutty, spicy, caramel, vegetal

Artist: Pablo Hierrezuelo


The archipelago of the Galàpagos Islands is the source of the juicy oranges and the salt crystals used for this irresistible citrus ‘n salty combination. The chocolate is left unconched so that the candied orange pieces can shine through alongside clear floral nuances. BUY HERE

Origin: Galàpagos Islands

Tasting Notes: Orange, floral, salty

Artist: Ximena Jijòn



In Alchemy’s most surprising inclusion ants make their way into our dark chocolate to bring an unexpected citrus twist—as well as a unique crunchy texture. Amazonian communities consider ants a food rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and therefore use them as condiment in many dishes. Who will dare to try this one? BUY HERE

Origin: Amazon Rainforest

Tasting Notes: Lemon, smoky, herbal

Artist: Noemí Cevallos and Santiago Cordero

Not sure where to start? Try one of our Alchemy 4-Packs: the Andes & Galapagos OR the Amazon & Pacific.