Heirloom organic cacao powder and drinking chocolate for everyday use.
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    Everyday Cacao Powder
    Everyday Cacao Powder

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    Classic Drinking Chocolate
    Classic Drinking Chocolate

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    Why should you buy our luxury chocolate?

    To’ak started from a rainforest conservation project in Ecuador and has become the global pioneer of luxury dark chocolate. We responsibly source our chocolate collections from a cacao variety that many experts believed to be extinct as recently as 2009. It’s called Ancient Nacional, which is native to Ecuador.

    We are reimagining what is possible with craft chocolate through aging, art, culture and responsible sourcing. We established the world’s first long-term chocolate aging program, our most revered editions have been cask-aged for up to six years, and we take pride in our exquisite packing and design. Because of this, we have extremely limited production runs.

    We believe the truest luxuries are found in the purest expressions of nature. With To’ak, you enjoy an exclusive, rarefied chocolate experience.

    The legendary story of Ancient Nacional cacao

    Ecuador’s legendary cacao variety, Ancient Nacional, was the most cherished in the world. But at the turn of the most recent century, it was believed to be extinct. In 2013, To’ak discovered a valley where some of these trees still survived. They have been confirmed by DNA tests to be 100% pure Nacional—which geneticists refer to as Ancient Nacional. 

    They have since been officially designated Heirloom by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund. To’ak is now leading the movement to preserve Ancient Nacional cacao and bring it back from the brink of extinction.

    Our collections of artisan chocolate

    To’ak luxury chocolate is available in four collections, each carrying multiple editions including Aged and Harvest.

    We have pioneered the art and science of aging chocolate in cognac and whiskey casks. We also age our artisan chocolate in certain types of Ecuadorian wood and other aging containers that are carefully selected for their extractable aroma compounds. 

    And we exclusively produce single-origin, single-harvest artisan chocolate aimed at expressing the unique terroir in which it is grown—the valley of Piedra de Plata in Ecuador. 

    Our Signature collection has To’ak luxury chocolate accompanied by a mini tasting guide. Origin is the collection that features our original and award-winning packaging. Each bar is presented in a handcrafted wooden box. It includes a tasting utensil and an illustrated booklet that tells the story behind the edition and a guide to tasting and pairing luxury dark chocolate. T. Cacao is our collection of premium Theobroma drinking chocolate. And Art Series is a collaboration with prominent Ecuadorian artists.


    What makes a luxury chocolate?
    There are plenty of elements to luxury chocolate, but key among them is the cacao origin. It’s important to know the name of the farm, producer or cooperative to determine the quality. Typically, the rarer the cacao bean, the more exclusive the chocolate. Other elements include price, ingredients and brand reputation. Learn more about how to find the best dark chocolate in the market.
    What is craft chocolate, and how does it differ from mass-produced chocolate?
    Craft chocolate differs from mass-produced chocolate on a number of fronts–cacao origin, flavor, quality, and responsible sourcing. What’s more, craft chocolate makers share a great love for making chocolate, and treat each stage of the chocolate-making process with respect. Learn more with 5 easy tips for buying the world’s best chocolate.