The finest of wines and whisky allow us the privilege of experiencing something sublime and timeless.
 To’ak offers this opportunity to connoisseurs of chocolate.


Dark chocolate tasting and wine tasting both follow the same principles. In both cases, we use our sensory awareness to deepen an experience. With dark chocolate, as with wine, we have the opportunity to transform an activity that could be mundane (i.e., the act of consumption) into something sublime. This is what it means to live richly. If you want to learn how to taste chocolate like a connoisseur, you can download our proprietary tasting guides below.

QUICK & EASY GUIDE: How to taste dark chocolate.

COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE: How to taste dark chocolate like a connoisseur.


Dark chocolate, when tasted on its own, offers a fascinating ride of sensory impressions. Pairing dark chocolate with certain wines and spirits can offer yet another level of pleasure and complexity to the experience. In the best of cases, a perfect pairing can elevate dark chocolate onto a higher realm altogether. To learn the art of pairing dark chocolate with wine & spirits, download our pairing guide below.

How to pair dark chocolate with wine & spirits


Well-aged cognac, certain whiskies, well-aged rum, and sweet fortified wines like vintage port and Pedro Ximénez Sherry are our favorites, although some añejo tequilas can work, and we’ve even had success with absinthe. Contrary to popular belief, red wine is a much trickier pairing partner with dark chocolate; the tannins in red wine tend to clash with the tannins in dark chocolate, although exceptions can be found. Some white wines can be made to work, although sweet dessert wines and especially sweet fortified wines tend to work far better. Likewise, sweeter champagnes tend to work better than dry champagnes.


Take an exclusive journey through 5,000 years of culture and history and awaken your senses with the finest chocolate & art that Ecuador has to offer.

An exclusive 2-hour journey created by To’ak and Fundación Guayasamín in Quito, Ecuador. Book your tour now or read more below for full tour details.

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To'ak Chocolate and Fudacion Guayasamin share the common vision that the rich art, culture and history of Ecuador be appreciated and continue to inspire the way we view our world today. Both chocolate and art are incredibly sensory experiences and can offer us a unique entrance into the cultural richness of Ecuador. Guayasamin once said that he has been painting for more than 5,000 years due to his connection with his ancestors and culture.

To'ak & Fundacion Guayasamin offer guests not only the chance to experience centuries of art and culture but to also taste chocolate made from a cacao variety dating back more than 5,300 years to the birth place of cacao. 


Guests are welcomed to the former residence of Oswaldo Guayasamin through a private entrance, not accessible the general public. The first half of the 2-hour privately guided tour will start with a walk through the former residence of Guayasamin where a guide will share Guayasamin's passion for art and culture and explain the most significant pieces of his private art collection. Guests will visit Guayasamin's most intimate chambers including his bedroom and workshop.


The second half of the tour will take place in Guayasamin's wine cellar, where he entertained notable guests and his closest friends. An intimate setting around a table. In front of each person is a tasting plate with a raw cacao bean and samples of at least four different editions of To'ak chocolate.

Akin to a wine tasting, a member of To'ak's production team guides everyone through a comprehensive tasting and pairing experience, with a focus on Ecuador's famous Nacional cacao variety. Cacao genetics, terroir, fermentation methods, barrel-aging, and other produc­tion decisions are all explained in the context of how these variables influence the aroma and flavor profile of each expression of chocolate. Compa­rable to a course in Wine 101, but with the most luxurious and elaborate dark chocolate on the planet.


- Exclusive private entrance.
- 2 hour privately guided tour by art expert and chocolate expert.
- Four editions of To'ak Chocolate.
- Whisky or spirits pairing option (non-alcoholic option available upon request)
- Bottled water refreshments.
- Access to the Capilla del Hombre museum and gallery after the tour.


- Children up to 12 years of age are free with paying adult.
- Tours are available every day of the week (except Ecuadorian national holidays) from 10am to 5pm or outside these hours by special appointment.
- Bookings must be made with 24 hours notice.


Gift something unique and experiential. Offer your guests the gift of the world’s most exclusive chocolate, personalized with your photos, story and wedding theme color.

Get in touch with us to discuss your special day.


We work with Marketing Directors, Heads of Customer Experience and Event Planners to design and deliver unique experiences that stun your most discerning clients. Our solutions are customized to your requirements and practically no idea is too grand for us. Most of your clients have attended a wine tasting but not many have experienced a fine chocolate masterclass and chocolate pairing event. Our chocolate pairs beautifully with top shelf whisky, cognac, tequila, rum, desert wines and many other exciting beverage partners.

We design and produce all of our packaging and chocolate in-house and are able to co-create exciting events, corporate gifts and memorable experiences hand-in-hand with you and your team. Contact us now to start a conversation about a brand partnership.


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